Genesis Packaging

Established in 2007, Genesis Packaging Private Limited (GPPL) is the one of the leading producers of decorative tins and closures in India. Established primarily to cater to the needs of the candle industry, GPPL has rapidly grown to cater to a much wider spectrum of usage, including Stationery, Seasonings, Shoe Polish, Confectionery, Gifts, Nuts, Mithai, Perfumes and Cosmetics.

Genesis Packaging supplies to customers across the USA, Europe, Africa and Sri Lanka. We work closely with our customers to develop innovative tin packaging solutions that can help them to differentiate their products, and stand out in the market.


Metal Closures

Used on Glass or Plastic Jars, for Food, Candles or Medical Items. Storage can be lined with EPE Liner / Wad or Gasket (PE, Silicone etc). Made from Tinplate, Aluminium, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Galvanized Steel.

Decorative Tins

Used for storage of Stationery, Seasonings, Shoe Polish, Confectionery, Nuts, Mithai, Snacks, Perfumes and Cosmetics. Also used as a Gift Box. Additionally, can be used for Storage of Liquor Bottles, Wallets, Jewellery, Eye-wear, Watches, Tea, Coffee and many more applications. Made from Tinplate, Tin-free Steel and Galvanized Steel.

Plastic Components

Includes Lids for Candle Jars / Perfume Bottles / Aerosol Cans, Fragrant Gel Containers, Odour Absorbents, Acrylic Fire-Retardent T-Light Candle Holders, Candle Votive, Chai Glasses etc.

Metal Components

Includes file hanging rods, eyelets, file prongs etc. Used for stationery.


With utmost commitment to quality of printing and fabrication, our products have found application with some of the leading brands around the world

Global reach

We currently export directly to USA, France and Sri Lanka

Indirectly, our products are used across the world – in USA, France, Bulgaria, Slovenia, UK, Netherlands, Africa, Thailand and the GCC.

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